The Love Monk

Written by:

The night falls
on a colour scale
over Dog Island Pass
on our way to Stephenville
on the bayou…

¿cómo no quieres salga?
¿cómo no quieres que vaya?
¿como no quieres que sienta?
Que estoy ya toa envenená
con el love monk…

Mirror eyes to see they’re closing
just to know the truth within ya…
On the media laboratories
they try to drill your brain
with a million stories…
that might not be true
but, it’s in their nature
to make big money
trying to make a fool outta you
what’s happened? you’re crazy…
if you’re ready to hop you can’t be lazy
que pasa, mie hermano
bad pattern to pad
to be your papa
fly right
and i’ll be
your love monk, now you see…
pin stripe
love strong
dap-dee-bop-de-bop-de bop…