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(let’s keep on rocking my craddle, mammy mine
on the Mason-Dixon line…)

truly, truly
i’ve been acting fooley
when i let you
inside o’ my bones
just a week
of love in november
now my sense is gone…

truly, godness
got me with your kindness
til you got me done
then you said
if you deal with the devil
be ready for a heart of stone

(hey, let me tell you now…)
truly, truly,
hot tv and schooling,
educated, they wont let me know
if we take a chance to marry in december
january i’ll be gone

truly, fully
how i miss your cool…
Eldorado you’re driving no more
somebody tries to fly in your cady
but you won’t let go…


Soothe me, hit me…
know you won’t deceive me
when you tell me what I don’t wanna know, nena
Merrian-Webster they’d be so proud, way you
mind your lexico…

and you had a mean schooling…
I can tell by your behaviour
you been raised in the streets, hey…

(hey, let me tell you now…)
truly, truly
we’ve been acting foolish
fully aware
unconcious and all
riding high
on top o’ the table
by the telephone

truly, weedy
on my way to Philly
am I ready?
will time let me know?
What does it take
to keep on a rolling
while reeling with a heart of stone…