Monka Mongas

Written by:

It`s too much, people, I can`t resist no more
I wanna tell you about what I adore
You don`t need a dime `cause they sell no mood, because…

Monk`s among us
(yeh, ya…)
If you`re troubled
(soul relax…)
when you`re walkin`
(walk on time…)
they say…

Monk`s among us…
Monka Monga!
(in a palace or in a boomer shed)
Monka Mongas!

Latin gets your groove once more
You got it knockin` on your door
Son montuno como el que invento…
(yo se…)
Monk`s among us…
Monka Mongas!

You see that mama walkin` on the street
She gotta move it la baila on her feet
She don`t need nobody there to meet, because…

Monk`s among us…
Monka Mongas!