Little Sonny

Written by:

You’re living on air
but can’t get enough
down by Schuylkill river
you’ve been thinking for a while

Is there any friend
any reason left
to keep me alive and make me
change my mind about the ending?

Never sorry
when you got to do things your way…

His mind was made up
“It’s a-too late now,
Don’t wanna hear no more
about the philly sound”

He picked up Straw-
berry Mansion Bridge
then, into the river, may he
find some peace and some relief

Little Sonny
Nobody can sing your way…

When they found his body
several pictures and cassettes
of The Intruders glory days
were strapped to his chest

I’m a-talkin’ bout Sam
“Little Sonny” Brown
when I play “Cowboys to girls”
He’s my king without a crown

Little Sonny
Nobody can sing your way…