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Walking by her sister came
I forgot her sister’s name
but I do remember Juanita
Very young, so sweet and wild
ooh… what a beautiful child
After the storming of Badajoz
she became Harry’s wife


Every single body loved to meet her
she was always charming,
ready with a helping hand
to feed the troops
with a daily hare soup
“Mmmn… Sargeant Smith is very lucky,
we all love the way she cooks…”

I’m talkin’ bout her…

Everybody in campaing knew
who was Juanita
She was talking with the soldiers
sleeping on the battlefields beside her horse
and the Die-Hard http://remoandaluz.es/servicio-medico/comprar-cialis 57th
they all prayed for Juanita…
and even the Duke of Wellington
called her “Juanita”…

Steppin’ out a carriage came
she was new to zulu land
Cantaloup for breakfast
became spanish beacon, alright
The sun tanned her skin
in a caramel brown
Ladysmith would be the name
of this brand new town

After Juanita.
And I think about it…
They should have call it Juanita.
I mean, Ladysmith is alright,
but they should have called it Juanita.