Ámame, Mímame

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You may be a blade on a razor
waiting for its got to be

you may be hispanic or asian
on an afroamericana beat

you might try to get on the payroll
dream on steak, potatoes and tea…

you might hear’ em preach in El Barrio
singing what it’s got to be
(aonde la gente canta…)

No llego a fin de mes… (oye…)
No llego a fin de mes… (yo tampoco…)

su-su-su-suppon ya,
afore they try to understand ya,
I’d rather try to be hip in Japan, you know…
ain’t it all about respect?
Hey, that’s a fundamental thing that we all gotta get, yo
Sometime I go and find a place
i http://espfarmacia.com/levitra/ kinda like it but I get there to late
then you give me that funny feeling
when you speak spanish you get in a-rocking and a-reeling…
“hay que queré ponerse en movimiento, na más…
estamo hechos de hueso y de tiempo quemao
¿es que no sabes que ya han quitao el limbo, mamá?
vamo a gozá y a bailá un swing mu lindo pa acá…”

Amame. Mímame
hasta el amanecer…
Amame, mimame
hasta el atardecer…

que no llego a fin de mes…