Gecko Turner Gets Funky With ‘Chicken Wire’

Maybe James Brown’s lyrics are to blame for many Spaniards’ habit of referring to a genre they love as “funky” instead of “funk,” confusing the verb with the noun. Or maybe it’s Wild Cherry’s fault for singing “Play That Funky Music, White Boy.” Whatever you call it, Gecko Turner brings it to his new album, “That Place By The Thing With The Cool Name.”

Turner, who likes to sing in English, is a musical multiculturalist from Spain’s Extremadura region whose songs are backed by Afro-beat, Cuban and Brazilian rhythms. He has a particular passion for American soul, and yes, funk (or shall we say funky?)

His love for retro sounds is in full swing on the track “Chicken Wire.” In the new video for the song shot in Mexico City, Turner spices up a traditional neighborhood afternoon dance in Coyoacán.

The clip features Saul Calderón, a nonagenarian Mexican Youtube sensation who is pretty funky himself.

Watch the premiere here on Billboard.